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Non-Confidential/Reporting Resources

Non-confidential and reporting resources will record a paper trail of any official complaints filed, and the complaint will be reported. If you wish to keep complaints between you and the organization you are reporting to, see our "Confidential Resources" tab. 

Reporting/Non-Confidential Options 

Dean of Students Office 

 The Dean of Students Office serves as a central location for reporting issues of hate and bias, sexual assault, and hazing. The Dean of Students Office will support you by providing information, support, and advocacy.


70 Bascom Hall 

OH: M-F / 8:30-4 p.m.



Title IX Coordinator 

(Sexual Misconduct Resource and Response Program)

The Sexual Misconduct Resource and Response Program is overseen by the Title IX Coordinator. They receive reports of sexual harassment and sexual violence – including sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, and sexual exploitation – and coordinate the University’s response. 


361 Bascom Hall

OH: M-F / 7:45 am-4:30 pm


UW-Madison Police Department

UWPD receives and investigates reports of sexual assault, dating/ domestic/ intimate partner violence, and stalking.


1429 Monroe Street 

Open 24/7

Non-Emergency: 608-264-2677


UW-Madison Responsible Action Guidelines: In cases where a student has been a victim of sexual violence while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs underage, disciplinary actions will not be pursued against that student or witnesses who try to help them. Students are entitled to university and community assistance regardless of alcohol or drug consumption.

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