PAVE UW-Madison invites Award Winning Survivor Advocate as Women’s History Month Keynote Speaker

Updated: Apr 9

[Event Preview Contributed by BuckyPR]

Wanda Swan is an advocate, published scholar and co-founder of various professional organizations, who focuses on prioritizing black folks for a living. Swan works with higher education organizations, local and state agencies, and non-profits who focus on survivor advocacy to discuss survivor tactics and violence prevention under the lens of anti-oppression. As stated on her website, Swan uses “anti-oppressive trauma-informed advocacy framework to better support historically marginalized survivors of violence and organizations in addressing institutional and personal biases that disrupt care”. These discussions are incredibly important to have in every environment to help aid the understanding of minority survivors as well as create a better future in the space of victim advocacy.

Wanda Swan has developed several unique tools to aid organizations in facing these issues. Her Proximity to Whiteness tool and Iceberg of Oppression help demonstrate survivor resources and processes through an anti-oppressive lens which task for-profit and nonprofit organizations “to explore proficiency at the intersection of bias and service provision”. Swan is also currently co-founder of and holds chair roles in professional organizations like Campus Advocacy and Prevention Professionals Association and The Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Education and Response Knowledge Community. Wanda Swan is the Executive Director of The Swan Center for Advocacy & Research and works as an Anti-Oppression Coach within the organization. The Swan Center for Advocacy is currently running their “Start by Talking” program, you can join the waitlist for sessions here.

Swan is also currently running the Mother Wit program to demonstrate Black women’s integral role in anti-oppression work. Mother Wit is a multimedia platform that showcases Black women that are severely under-appreciated and unrecognized; the overall goal is to make Black women feel “loved, appreciated, and revered”, as stated on their website’s mission statement. You can also find out more about their submission process and ideas on their website. The social media platforms post a new story each week. On top of Mother Wit, Wanda Swan hosts the “Once Upon a Patriarch” podcast series as well as produces the “Seed of the Free” stationary, novelty and apparel line.

Swan’s general services include speaking engagements, training and workshops, content creation and review, and policy review and consultation. She has won various awards for her efforts and advocacy over the years, including: the Exceptional Victim Advocate Award-Campus Victim Advocacy National Organization for Victim Assistance and the Emory University 100 Years of Women in Excellence Awards “Unsung Heroine” in 2017, and the Odyssey Films Media “The Rape of Recy Taylor” National Brain Trust in 2018.

Wanda Swan is an incredible advocate, and has done so much to work towards a future with safe spaces for minority victims and survivors. Join PAVE UW-Madison and Wanda Swan to discuss reframing violence prevention as anti-oppression work on March 24th from 6:30-7:30pm! RSVP here, and contact PAVE UW-Madison with any questions. Hope to see you there!