Justice Jill Karofsky Event Preview: Who is Justice Jill Karofsky?

She’s one of six women on the Wisconsin Supreme court. She chairs the Violence Against Women STOP Grant committee. Who is she?

Jill Judith Karofsky is currently one of seven justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Before that she served as a Wisconsin Circuit Court judge in UW-Madison’s very own Dane County. And before that? Well, Karofksy has accomplished a lot in her life for the state of Wisconsin.

A Madison-area native, Karofsky grew up in the suburb of Middleton. After her rather successful high-school athletic career as a tennis player – even winning the state champion title – she decided to take her talents outside of Wisconsin to pursue an undergraduate degree at Duke University where she competed as a NCAA Division 1 athlete in cross-country and track.

However, Karofsky’s absence from Wisconsin wasn’t long. After her time away, she decided to return to complete her law degree at the University of Wisconsin Law School, and successfully did just that in 1992. She then began her professional career as the Dane County District Attorney while also serving in the Wisconsin Department of Justice as Assistant Attorney General as a Wisconsin's Violence Against Women resource prosecutor.

In 2017, Karofsky was elected to be a judge on the Dane County Circuit Court. Three years later, she once again prevailed as a candidate – by margin of more than 10% no less – this time winning a spot on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Her opponent, Scott Walker appointed Justice Daniel Kelly, was endorsed by former president Donald Trump leading to a highly-tense race. Despite this, “Jill for Justice” fought hard against all cynicism in one of the most historic times in U.S. history – with more mail-in voters than ever before and an intensifying pandemic.

Her agenda now is to hold the courts accountable against any special interests and “get [Wisconsin] and our country back on the right track. She is also currently the director for Wisconsin’s Office of Crime Victim Services, working to support survivors and protect the rights of victims after a career helping crime victims protect their rights. These are just the tip of the iceberg of her lifetime of accomplishments.

Learn more from Karofsky herself at PAVE-UW’s speaker event on April 14 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., a part of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign.

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